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Benn Wibberley with his enduro bike

Ben Wibberley wins MCN Festival slow race

Enduro rider Ben Wibberley (27) won the £100 cash prize in The Zebra slow control race at the MCN Festival of Motorcycling. He smashed his closest rival by 19 seconds, taking 1 minute 6 seconds to ride the AJP PR3 round the Z-shaped course. The event raised £221 for the National ...

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Triumph, part of the £5.3bn motorcycles contribute to UK PLC

Bikers are worth £5.3bn to UK PLC

The motorcycle industry contributes £5.3bn to the UK economy each year, according to the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCII). It pays more than £1bn in tax. The MCII, made up of manufacturers, distributors and the associated biker businesses, has produced its first new figures in five years to help bikers lobby politicians ...

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Whealie with James Fisher, slow race winner

James Fisher wins £100 at BMF slow race

Student James Fisher snatched the £100 cash prize at the BMF/Zebra slow control race at the May 2014 BMF show. He beat his nearest rival by 16 seconds and then went on to beat his own record. Two riders had notched up rides of 57 seconds on Saturday and it looked ...

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Think Bike sticker on a car mirror

AA patrol launches ‘Think Bike’ stickers

The death of teenage biker, Jack Bellis, has prompted The AA to print one million “Think Bikes” stickers warning car drivers to look out for motorbikes and cycles. Stickers are available for free from The AA and Halfords. Tony Rich, the AA’s patrol of the year, had the idea for ‘Think Bikes’ ...

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Derek Szeto and his BMW 650GS

Tight-lipped crash culprit escapes justice

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) took nearly a year to compensate Derek Szeto for his damaged bike after the uninsured car’s owner refused to name the driver. Szeto’s parked BMW 650GS was hit by a Dodge Caliber on 28 January 2013. The car was uninsured and the registered owner, Mammi Doti, ...

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Uninsured driver checking app launched

The Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) that pays out for uninsured driver claims has launched a free phone service – askMID – to help accident victims check vehicle insurance details at the roadside. The MIB runs the national database used by the police and others to check that vehicles are insured. This ...

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Looking for a motorcycle travel insurance policy?

Travel policy ensures bike comes home

Travel insurance brand Holidaysafe has developed a biker-specific travel policy that will bring your bike home if you can’t ride it. The Holidaysafe Motorcycle policy will pay up to £1,000 for you to retrieve your bike yourself or pay for it to be brought home. This covers you if you are ...

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Met Police seized 308 uninsured vehicles in Operation Cubo

Met Police seize 308 uninsured vehicles

More than 1,000 metropolitan police officers working with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) seized 308 uninsured vehicles as part of London-wide operation Cubo on Wednesday 5 June 2013. The MIB, which pays claims caused by uninsured drivers, had its officers with police in Newham, one of the country’s worst areas for ...

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Looking for cheaper motorcycle insurance

How to get cheaper insurance

How to get cheaper insurance What not to do Don't exaggerate, underestimate or lie. Don't keep secret something you know will inflate your premium. Don't use alternative descriptions of your job that you think will get cheaper premiums. Don't understate modifications to your bike. Don't say you won't take pillions if you ...

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Stacks of tins of beans

Insurance is like baked beans

Not all tins of baked beans are the same. They do not have the same ingredients (policy terms). Some contain more water than beans (more exclusions, higher excess payments). They are not all of the same quality (service standards). Not all are from trusted brands (unknown insurers). Some beans that have ...

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Welcome to the-zebra.com

Whealie on zebra-striped bike

Whealie on his new zebra-striped motorbike

The Zebra is about motorbike insurance, loans and the price of petrol.  I’m here to help with all the stuff most motorbike magazines and websites overlook, but that often cost us a small fortune – especially if we get it wrong.

I have developed a phone app to help you keep track of  fuel consumption and other bike spending. It can remind you that your MOT is due, the bike needs a service and when to check your tyre tread.

I’ll be looking for your feedback on what to include in regular upgrades – should we add in recommended cafés, B&Bs and campsites or enable communication between users, for example, or are there other costs you want to track?


Motorcyclists don’t get the best service from finance firms, partly because we’re such a diverse bunch that it’s hard for the industry to research the market and know what we want.

Together, through the-zebra.com, we can change that. Together we can  be a powerful voice, forcing insurers and lenders to offer better products and better value for money.

More to do

I’m still compiling lots of info and I will be looking for suggestion of where people can get cheap spares and parts. I am also compiling a list of all the companies involved in motorcycle loans and insurance but if you come across one not on my list, let me know.

I want to hear your suggestions, tips for getting good value for money and help with any problems. Get in touch, either using the contact page or with more detail if you have got a gripe about a finance firm.

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