Ben Wibberley wins MCN Festival slow race

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Ben Wibberley

Benn Wibberley with his enduro bike

Enduro rider Ben Wibberley (27) won the £100 cash prize in The Zebra slow control race at the MCN Festival of Motorcycling. He smashed his closest rival by 19 seconds, taking 1 minute 6 seconds to ride the AJP PR3 round the Z-shaped course.

The event raised £221 for the National Association for Bikers with a Disability.

Wibberley, of Herne Bay, Kent, said: “I think I could have done it slower. On my first attempt I was at 1 minute 25 seconds when I put my foot down in the final stretch.

“Everyone was struggling with the first big corner, which was very tight. I decided to get a time of the board. I meant to come back and have another go – I never thought I’d actually win.”

Few finished the course

A staggering 193 MCN Festival goers paid £1 for charity to have 221 attempts to ride the PR3 sitting down, without touching the ground and without crossing the red lines that marked the course boundary.

Only 33 individual riders (17%) managed to complete the course. Between them they managed 36 completions out of 221 goes, making just 16%. As each £1 allowed for two attempts only about 8% of attempts – or fewer than one in ten – were successful, proving riding slowly is much harder than it looks.

Slow riding is a skill encouraged by the Institute of Advanced Motorcycling and other road safety experts.

Wibberley not wobbly

Wibberley started trials riding aged five and moved on to enduros just three years ago. He rides a Husqvarna 300 and is moving up to extreme enduros this year, entering the Erzberg Rodeo and the Red Bull Romaniacs.

Motorbike on top of a taxi

Ben Wibberley rides extreme enduros

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