Uninsured driver checking app launched

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Ashton West of the MIB launches AskMID Roadside

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) that pays out for uninsured driver claims has launched a free phone service – askMID – to help accident victims check vehicle insurance details at the roadside.

The MIB runs the national database used by the police and others to check that vehicles are insured. This is called the Motor Insurance Database (MID).

The new askMID Roadside service – accessible via a smart phone or tablet at www.askMID.com – can be used to check the insurance details of the other vehicles involved in a road traffic accident. It will confirm the insurer of the other vehicle and email you the details.

At the scene

MIB chief executive, Ashton West, believes the new mobile service will help these drivers and many others take some of the stress out of collecting important information at the time of the accident.

“Accidents can be harrowing experiences, but collecting accurate details at the scene of the accident is absolutely essential to making insurance claims for damage and injuries. The new askMID Roadside service provides drivers with an instant check of the Motor Insurance Database (MID) from their mobile phone.

“This confirms whether the other vehicle involved in the accident is showing as insured on the MID and provides the other party’s insurance details so that the claim can be pursued quickly.”

West adds: “The askMID Roadside service offers motorists peace of mind that the insurance details provided by the other driver at the scene of an accident match the records held on the Motor Insurance Database. If the results from askMID checks are inconsistent with the person you’ve had an accident with, you should report that to your insurer immediately.”

You put in your vehicle registration number, the reg of the other vehicle and your email address and the AskMID service effectively starts your claim immediately.


Whealie says: If the details given by the other driver call the police, not only your insurer.

Be warned: the other vehicle may be listed as having insurance but the driver may have lied to the insurer, or be using the vehicle for a purpose not covered by the insurance, so there is no guarantee the vehicle is insured. But, at least east you will know that the police will be looking for the right person.

In my experience, if the other driver is uninsured the MIB will be very slow at paying claims and behave like the worst insurers you have ever experienced. Get in touch with me at the earliest opportunity for help.

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