Weston Beach Race: dunes in the rain

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bike on a sand dune

Sand and sea and rain at Weston Beach Race

We had hoped for sand, sea and sunshine at the Weston Beach Race but we did not let rain for the main event dampen our spirits (even if it did dampen our clothing).

The event is over two days with races in different categories for quads, smaller bikes and bikes with sidecar combinations, plus for different age groups.

It culminates with the three-hour main, adult single bikes event on Sunday afternoon, in which hundreds of nutters race over the dunes.

Irwin’s a winner

The event was won by Northern Ireland’s Graeme Irwin, who, apparently, only decided to enter the race on the Thursday beforehand. It was his first attempt. He and his bike – many bikes failed – stuck it out for three hours in the driving rain. It stopped raining almost immediately the race had finished.

On highlight for me was the kids racing tiny 85cc bikes that barely had the power to get up the dunes. One poor girl took more than 40 minutes to complete the first lap and then managed her second in four minutes-something. Just completing the race is a challenge – many break down or have to stop for a range of reasons.

As one T-shirt said: “It is better to have raced for a moment than to have been spectator all your life.”


Even my bike was a casualty – kids playing with it must have snapped the throttle. I couldn’t even ride it round to the van when we were clearing up after the final race – it was lucky I wasn’t planning on riding home.

It was a great event to watch and be at, but not great for us in terms of letting bikers know about our free phone app. Many of the bikers there only rode motocross bikes and had no road bikes at all. The rain on Sunday meant people were mainly dashing past or heading into a specific store to get out of the rain.

No signal

The bikers we spoke to were very keen, though the lack of a phone signal meant nobody could download the app there and then. That’s becoming an all-too-familiar pattern.

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